Trust me, Im lying

Posted by Nique98 on October 15, 2014
Trust Me, I'm LyingTitle: Trust Me I'm Lying
Author: Mary Elizabeth Summer
Publisher:  Dealcorte Press (Random House)
Release Date: October 2014
Pages: 328
Place on Hold 

In trust me, I’m lying by Mary Elizabeth Summer a girl named Julep Dupree attends a top class private school in Chicago. St. Agatha’s is filled with all the right people to fund her tuition, unintentionally of course. Julep is the girl that they go to when they need something fixed, the schemes get her good money. Until she comes home to a destroyed apartment and her con artist of a dad missing. With the help of friends Julep follows a trail of clues her father leaves behind to help her find what the mob is looking for.

This is the kinda book that took me about 2 days to read. It would of taken me one but I got interrupted. I would give this book 5 stars and would recommend to anybody who loves mystery novels with a twist and enjoys love triangles.

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