Through The Woods

Posted by Amanda on February 26, 2015

18659623Title: Through the Woods
Author: Emily Carroll
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books
Release Date: July 2014
Pages: 208
Place on Hold  Synopsis: A beautifully illustrated graphic novel with five unsettling stories about what lurks in the woods.

I really loved this graphic novel. The illustrations were beautiful and I liked how each story had it’s own set of a few contrasting colors. The text worked really well with the illustrations; the way the text complimented the pictures and wrapped around them gave the novel an overall unsettling feeling. The stories themselves were very well written and appropriately creepy. They were short, but they were very well constructed. Anything that can creep you out in ten pages or less has got to be good. I also liked how each story was slightly darker than the last; It really pulls you in and gets you invested in the novel and it’s creepy theme.

Overall this was a beautifully drawn and wonderfully written graphic novel. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys creepy or unsettling stories.

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