Throne of Glass

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7896527Title: Throne of Glass
Author: Sarah J. Mass
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Release Date: Aug 2012
Pages: 416
Place on Hold 

Summary: A prince, an assassin, the captain of the guard, and a rebellious princess lives are changed and entwined forever when the king calls for his champion.

Pitted against twenty-three mercenaries, thieves, and warriors, Celaena Sardothien can obtain her freedom she has desired for so long. But if she loses she be sent back the prison, her ultimate death. But something evil lurks in the dark of the palace, something that is killing the competitors one by one. And if Celaena ever wishes to obtain her freedom or even just survive she must destroy that evilness before it destroys her and everything she holds dear. It’s no longer just a fight for freedom, but a fight for her life. And it is the begining of an epic adventure.

Celaena is such a interesting character. We see her struggle and suffer. But she is strong and beautiful in all the ways that matter. Her fiery spirit and witty make her so enjoyable, she will hold your attention to the very end… and then some.

Chaol is serious, over protective, loyal to a fault and very oblivious to his own feelings. But these just make him more endearing. He’s caring in an understated way and the companionship he offers Celaena is so endearing. He’s may be opening her up to something neither of them considered a possibilty until now.

Dorian’s kindness however is exactly what Celaena needs, and vice-versa. They need each other even if they don’t know it yet. Stuck under his father’a rule without a care in the world, Dorian is basically his father’s puppet until he meets Celaena, and that is when things get interesting. He has big plans…even if it does not turn out exactly the way he intended, he learning to roll with the punches. Dorian begins to care, love and be human again; because by being a friend he gains one.

Nehmia is Celaena overall confidant. Nehmia is smart and kick ass in a regal way and I love her. She’s devoted to her people and justice and those traits make her a formidable character. She’s strong in a different way than Celaena and it gives the book so much more depth because it’s so complex yet simple all at once. Truly remarkable.

The way the characters develop throughout the story take you deeper into their minds to make you feel that you are them, but Sarah is just scratching the surface–there is so much more than to what meets the eye. The characters and storyline make the Throne of Glass feel so real because everything isn’t always happy endings but it’s a great story told remarkable well.

Sarah’s debut into the world of fantasy is kick-ass, amazing, and a must read for any lover of anything awesome. It’s mysterious and dark but also humorous and endearing all at once. Her witty dialect, and cunning but honorable, temperamental characters draw out your own emotions slowly pulling any reader into this magical kingdom.

So it definitely wouldn’t kill you to read about the assassin named Celaena Sardothien. Unless your dying of enjoyment… Which could happen.

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