The Walking Dead, 4.04

Posted by Amanda on June 2, 2014

_1378330922The Walking Dead
Episode: 4.04 “Indifference
Air Date: November 3, 2013
Channel: AMC

Synopsis:After learning Carol murdered Karen and David, Rick takes her on a supply run to discuss her actions. Tyreese, Michone , Bob and Daryl are still on the way to the veterinary college to retrieve the life saving medicine for the sick. Conditions with in the prison continue to decline.

This was a gigantic Carol episode. We really got to see how cold she’s become. When she talks to Lizzie in the beginning I think it’s with the knowledge that she’s not coming back. I think she knew what Rick’s plan was the whole time. She tells Lizzie things like ” you can’t be afraid to kill ” and ” you fight and fight until one day you change, we all change”. It really seemed like she was giving her life advice while also subconsciously talking about what happened to her. When you think about it that is what happened to Carol, she fought and fought until she changed, it just wasn’t for the better. She confused cruel with strong and now she’s been kicked out of her group knowing that she murdered two people for nothing. The worst part is that she still thinks she did the right thing. She tries to justify her actions to rick by saying things like ” I had to try, somebody had to” and by comparing what she did to what Rick did to Shane. Ricks response was ” he was going to kill me” and I hate to admit that Carol made a point by saying ” so were they”. Carol made another point I begrudgingly agree with when she said “you can be a farmer rick, you can’t just be a farmer.” She’s right in the sense that Rick has been running from his problems, reality and responsibility by playing farmer and that’s going to come back to bite him eventually. Yeah Carl’s better now that Rick is being a parent, but the prison needs a leader. They all still look to Rick for answers whether he likes it or not. He needs to start giving them some before everything falls apart.

Carol has become really detached from her past in a disturbing way. She admits to Rick that her life before was bad but then she says “that’s someone else’s slide show”. She also said ” Sophia’s dead Rick” and refuses to talk about her. Carol likes to act all though and strong and like she’s overcome her past but she’s more afraid than any of them. She’s just running from her past and being cruel to survive. Rick is a true survivor. He lost his wife and he killed his best friend and he’s had to make the tough calls that no one ever wants to make, but he dealt with it and he got through it. He’s still kind and nice and moral. When people start to justify things they do that are wrong under the cover of surviving is when people like the Governor are born. Carol could be our next villain, guys. I don’t want to see that happen.

We really get to see how bad Carols gotten when we meet the people I’ve named ” the hippies”. She has obvious disdain for them and their lack of survival skills. Then even though she knows they’re weak and unequipped she has them go and sweep houses and finally when they find the girl dead and they guy never shows up she’s just like “we gotta go Rick, you lost a nice watch”. It’s like seriously Carol ?! Those are people ! I think Rick made the right call by not bringing her back. Like he said if it came down to just the two of them he wouldn’t want her there. I wouldn’t either. And when Rick wants Carol to leave she says ” it’s me Rick” but it’s not. She said it herself. That’s someone else’s slideshow and she’s not the same person anymore.

I’m really worried for Lizzie. That girl is already messed up and then you have Carol telling her that she can’t be afraid to kill ? That’s a recipe for disaster. I’m still convinced she’s the one feeding the walkers. Even more so after this episode. Lizzie says that walkers aren’t bad just different and ” we all change, we don’t get to stay the same way we started”. She’s talking about the walkers but it’s also a reference to Carol. Lizzie just has a lot of issues. Her biggest one is thinking that walkers are just people who changed. If she goes around thinking of walkers as people in a zombie apocalypse she’s bound to get herself killed. One of the best things about this episode was how the show personified the walkers in the gas station. They’re some of the only walkers we’ve seen with a story and it really spoke to Lizzie’s point. We all know walkers are dangerous and will rip you to shreds but you see that scene and you can’t forget that they were people once.

The last thing I’m going to talk about in this episode was the theme of letting go. Tyreese needed to let go of the walker at the gas station, Bob needed to let go of the bottle ( and his alcoholism), Michone needed to let the governor go, Rick needed to let Carol go, Carol need to let her past go, and Daryl needed to let Bob go after their fight. It’s just a list of metaphors for things that every character needed to let go to move on and it was profound. I feel like we’re going to have a lot of character development in future episodes just because everyone got over something or at least realized they needed to.

This episode was deep and is definitely my favorite so far. Yay for emotions in the apocalypse !

  • nikki corse

    this is my favorite show. Oh my gosh I watch every episode and feel as though I made my own personal family with them in my mind. I love this show so much and can’t wait til the next season starts( oh my gosh) just so I can see Daryl again I’m like in love with him.

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