The Walking Dead, 4.03

Posted by Amanda on June 2, 2014

_1378330922The Walking Dead
Episode: 4.03 “Isolation
Air Date: October 27, 2013
Channel: AMC

Synopsis: After the murder of Karen and David, Rick is on a mission to find out who did it as the infection within the prison continues to spread.

Do no read if you don’t want to be spoiled. You have been warned.

Tyreese snapping is a huge part of this episode. At the start of the episode he attacks Rick because he was trying to calm him down. Then when the group goes on a supply run the car gets surrounded by walkers. Of course, everyone else jumps ship and runs for their lives but Tyreese just sits there, waiting to die. If that wasn’t bad enough when he finally gets out of the car he is completely surrounded by walkers. All he has is a hammer and you’re sure he’s going to die because there are just so many walkers but no. He was able to channel all his anger and crazy using nothing but a hammer to fight his way out of a horde. Bottom line watch out for Tyreese.

The reason the group went on the supply run was due to the conditions in the prison getting much much worse. More people are getting sick everyday including Glenn and Sasha. Because of this they quarantined the young and the elderly to try and protect them from the illness. Of course, both Hershel and Carl are included in that and neither of them were happy about it. Carl was angry he was being treated like a kid and Hershel just wanted to help the sick. He eventually convinced Maggie and Rick to let him go into the cell block and help, which is a good thing considering doctor S was sick as well. The speech Hershel made before going in to take care of the sick was amazing. He’s right, everyday they’re all risking their lives, he can at least choose what he’s risking it for. It was by far my favorite Hershel moment, ever.

While the group was out looking for antibiotics they heard a voice on the radio calling out to survivors. This could mean there’s another large group of survivors near by which could be good or bad depending on the nature if the people living there. Personally I’m wary of any settlement. Even if it isn’t like Woodbury they still might want to take over the prison just for the resources. Another thing the group saw while on the run was a massive horde of walkers. This is scary because the fences are already week and if a horde that size came to the prison we would have a ” Hershel’s farm” type situation all over again.

As part of the group searched for antibiotics Rick was investigating Karen and David’s murder. His investigation wasn’t very scientific, but he figured out who did it none the less. Carol. Carol is officially a murderer. Honestly, I was surprised. Here I thought that Carol had taken charge and was being assertive and was a kick butt survivalist when in reality she’s just been hardened to the point of murdering people. I was also surprised how easily she admitted it. That whole scene between her and Rick was very tense. I think Rick was expecting her to deny it because he asked ” is there anything you wouldn’t do for the people here ?” a s a way of gauging her reaction. But Carol was like ” nope ! Killed em! Bye!”. Why carol? Why?! I liked you!

Another great episode of The Walking Dead. Carol is the murderer and I can’t wait to see how Tyreese reacts when he finds out. Things are about to get interesting.

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