The Walking Dead, 4.02

Posted by Amanda on March 10, 2013

_1378330922The Walking Dead
Episode: 4.02 ”Infected”
Air Date: October 20, 2013
Channel: AMC

Synopsis:  Patrick turns into a walker after a bloody death in the shower and wreaks havoc in the cell block. Soon after others start to show symptoms of his illness. How will the council and the residents of the prison handle this new threat ?

In the beginning of this episode we get a glimpse into the relationship Tyreese has with Karen. They seemed very happy together and they would have made a great couple….. If someone hadn’t brutally murdered Karen and David after they became ill. I could understand the motives behind murdering and burning the only two sick people; in such close quarters it’s important to keep the infection from spreading. However, I didn’t think any one in the prison group would do something like that. As Rick once said ” we don’t kill the living”. I’m really excited to see how Tyreese will deal with her death in the next episode, especially considering his recent mental state.

Patrick ripped and shredded his way through cell block D causing quite the gory scene. Per usual The Walking Dead creators gave us the high quality guts and gore that we zombie fanatics live for. The walker losing his guts as he stood was especially well done. After the walkers had been taken care of, the group came to the conclusion that Patrick had died from the flu. The new councils reaction to this was swift and decisive, they put everyone showing symptoms of illness into quarantine ( ironically in cell block A which used to be death row). One thing that I really liked was when Carol said “when people die they become a threat”. It was scary because it was true. You have to worry about what happens after people die because as we know ,everyone comes back. Another similar phrase that has been said about/on the show is ” you kill or you die or you die and you kill”.

One of the people that were killed in this episode was Lizzie and Micah’s dad. Something that bothered me was Carol chastising Lizzie for not being ” strong enough” to quiet her father after he dies. I know Lizzie offered to do it but she’s a child. A child who just watched her father die a brutal death. How could you criticize her for not wanting to stab her own father in the head ? Another thing I found disturbing was Lizzie’s reaction after her father died. She got very upset, not over the death of her father but over the death of the walker they named Nick. Her sisters comment “she’s messed up, she’s not weak” was more than a little unnerving. I agree that Lizzie’s messed up. We already know she has a twisted view of walkers, seeing them not as a threat but as the people they used to be.

Actually, I think Lizzie may be the one we saw feeding the walkers during the opening scene. Who ever is feeding them is causing them to build up at the fence. In this episode, we saw just how bad it’s getting. The walkers almost brought down a part of the fence and no fence = no safety. The diversion Rick created by luring the walkers away with the pigs, while very sad to watch, was actually a genius idea. It saved the fence ( for now) and that’s all that counts.

After everything calmed down some, Beth and Michone had some great scenes together. Something I really liked was when Beth asked “what do you call someone who’s lost a child ?” So many people in the group, including Carol , have lost a child and as Beth pointed out there is no word for it. Another great line Beth had was “when you care about people hurt is part of the package”. This is especially true in their post apocalyptic world because as Walking Dead fans know everybody dies. The biggest part of their scene was when Michone refused to hold Judith and when she did she broke down crying. This leads me to believe we have some major Michone character development in our future. Did she lose a child ? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Carl is a totally different person this season. I think some of it has to do with Rick taking a step back from being a leader and actually being a parent. My nick name for him this season is ” Farmer Rick”. That’s really all he is and all he wants to be. He’s done being a leader, he’s done being looked to for answers and he’s done making the decisions. I think this has really helped Carl. He’s grown up a lot since last season. I understand why Rick was hesitant to give him his gun back, but I think he made the right choice by doing so. Carl has really turned over a new leaf and seems to be committed to being honest with Rick.

All in all this was another great episode of the walking dead. Not quite as perfect as the first, but still amazing.

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