The Walking Dead, 4.01

Posted by Amanda on December 13, 2013

_1378330922The Walking Dead
Episode: 4.01 “30 Days without an Accident”
Channel: AMC

Synopsis: After the governor’s rampage in the season three finale we see the new reality of life at the prison. But there’s a new danger developing that might give the survivors a run for their money.

Do no read if you don’t want to be spoiled. You have been warned.

Alright! So, The Walking Dead season four has officially begun and I’m beyond excited ! This was a really amazing start to the season and there’s a lot talk about. I’m not going to go in any real order here so bear with me.

I really loved how in the beginning of the episode Daryl was being borderline idolized by the group. It’s like after all this time being Rick’s wingman he finally got recognition of his own for all the important things he does. Go Daryl! Another thing I liked was the relationship Carol and Daryl have. Things Carol says to him such as “remember I liked you first ” and “sorry pookie” are hilarious. I know that many Walking Dead fans will hunt me down for saying this but I personally do not ship Daryl and Carol together. For me they work really well as friends and I can’t see them together as a couple.

Going back to the scene where everyone is greeting Daryl I noticed a really great dynamic between the people that came from Woodbury and our original prison group. For some reason,  I expected there to be some tension between them but I was happy to see that there wasn’t. The first real threat we saw was the buildup of walkers at the fence. This is a big deal because if the walkers bring the fence down they’re screwed, but I feel like they have it under control for now.

We also learned some new things about Tyreese. Number one being that he hates killing walkers and number two being that he has a girlfriend, Karen, who came from Woodbury. Now I’ve heard a lot of people say that Karen has made Tyreese “soft”. I really don’t agree with that. My opinion is that Tyreese has always been a good guy and now that the prison is safe he just doesn’t want to kill walkers anymore. Before it was a matter of survival but now it’s something he can choose not to do. I mean if I had the choice between going on a run or standing at the fence stabbing walkers in the head all day, I wouldn’t choose the walkers either. Karen makes him happy and everyone needs someone at the end of the world.

Speaking of dating at the end of the world, we found out that Beth has a boyfriend ! We see him before he goes on the run to the Big Spot where he is unfortunately killed. R.I.P Zach. Before he left Beth refused to goodbye. I took this a Beth’s way of dealing with the world they live in. She never wants to have to say goodbye to anyone so she doesn’t. I was surprised by her reaction to the news when Daryl told her. I expected crying but she just accepted it and moved on. It just shows that she’s getting stronger and adapting to the world they live in. I really appreciated the irony of the “days without an accident” sign in Beth’s room because according to the sign, before Zach’s death, there had been 30 days without an accident.

Going back to the run to the Big Spot that caused Zach’s death, I noticed how organized and efficient the group has become. I mean they picked out a place so full of amazing resources, they lured the walkers out ahead of time using a boom box ( genius !!) they put on their SWAT gear and cleared the place and they would have been in and out safely if not for Bob, which brings me to Bob and his problem in the liquor department. I feel that Bob either is or was an alcoholic because of the secret way he picked up the bottle, how conflicted he looked when he had it and how hard he put it down, which was hard enough to bring down the shelf and cause walkers to rain from the sky.

This brings me to my favorite part of the whole episode that I have lovingly named the walker storm. It was epic. I loved everything about it. The guts, the gore, the splatter, the chaos. Wow. Just wow. My favorite scenes from the walker storm were when the first one fell and it was hanging by its guts, when Daryl climbed up on the boxes in the middle of them all and did some serious walker killing, when that one walker splattered into a giant bloody glob on impact, when the walker that peeled the back of its head off when it got off the floor and, finally, when Bob was peeling back the skull of the walker with the giant crack in its head. Well done walking dead creators. Very well done.

Okay, now to talk about Rick or as I’ve taken to calling him Farmer Rick. It seems like he’s really taken a step back since the whole governor ordeal. He seems totally content to live his life and just be a farmer. In the beginning of the episode, we see him discard a gun he finds in the ground and I took that as, he didn’t want a gun. He didn’t want that anymore. This point was made again when we learn that the group has a council and Rick isn’t on it. And it was proven yet again when the council has to force him to take a gun when he goes outside the fence because he won’t take one on his own.

Speaking of going outside the fence, when Rick goes to check the traps he meets a very creepy , very crazy woman in the woods. After leading Rick through the woods back to her camp she tries to kill Rick so she can feed him to her zombie head husband and when she fails she commits suicide with a knife to the stomach. I think the whole thing was very symbolic. The crazy lady talks about the things you have to do and the ways you have to change to survive in this new world.

As they talk, she poses the question to Rick “do you think you can come back from the things you’ve done?” And as she’s dying she whispers “you can’t come back.” You can tell that resonates with Rick and in a lot of ways I agree with her. None of them will ever be the same people they were before the apocalypse. They’ve all done things that have changed them. So, in that way they can’t come back but that doesn’t mean that what they’ve done has to destroy or define them. Everyone has a choice as to who they want to be. That’s why I don’t condone the actions of people like the governor because they use the excuse of “it’s what you have to do to survive” and others like that but really it’s always up to them about whether to be moral or immoral.

During the whole crazy lady situation, we get to see a method the group has developed for deciding whether or not to bring someone back to the prison. The three questions. The questions are, how many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? and Why? I think it’s a good idea to have a “test” that someone has to pass before they can come back to the prison. I also think those are great question that cover a lot of bases. You’ll never know for sure whether they have good intentions or not but those questions are a great starting point.

Another thing in this episode that surprised me was the change in Carl. He’s older, he’s more mature, and he’s more responsible. It seems like he’s really turned himself around since last season. I think a lot if that has to do with Rick pulling back from leadership and being a parent. Something I found ironic was that Rick told Carl not to name the pigs because they were food and then Carl told Lizzie not to name the walkers because they were monsters.

The fact that Lizzie and her sister name and sympathize with the walkers worries me. It’s like they’re in a zombie apocalypse, shouldn’t they know that the walkers aren’t something to name like pets? I’m hoping Carol and her story time knife class helps them realize that. It surprises me that Carol is going behind Rick’s back to teach the children about survival, but I think it’s a good idea. I’m just surprised that she didn’t tell Rick and asked Carl not to tell Rick. I find it interesting that even though Rick isn’t in a leadership position he’s still the leader. Why else would Carol not want Rick to know what she’s doing? If Rick wasn’t still thought of as a leader she would have been worried about Carl telling the rest of the council, not Rick.

While Carol was teaching the children of the prison how to use a knife, Glenn and Maggie were having a pregnancy scare. I thought it was interesting that even though Maggie was there for what happened to Lori she still wants a family , she said ” I don’t want to be afraid of being alive.” I thought that was really brave because in the world they live in, it’s hard not to be.

And finally we come to exactly why they should be afraid right now. Patrick died a bloody death in the shower and is now a walker is loose in the prison full of sleeping people. I’m excited to see where this goes next week especially since he was clearly sick and coughed into the water supply before he died. I also noticed that the way he died resembled a walker we saw outside the fence. Outbreak of a virus? I think so.

All in all, this was an amazing episode and a fantastic first episode of the season. If anyone is reading this that does not already watch the walking dead, watch it ! It’s an amazing show.

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