The Treatment

Posted by Alyssa T on June 23, 2014

13260666The Treatment by Suzanne Young
Release Date: April 2014
Pages: 352
Place on Hold 

Synopsis: Sloane and James are still missing memories, but the important thing is that they are together and have survived The Program. Together they will run from The Program and try to bring it down. During all of this they also have one pill of the Treatment, a pill that can bring back a person’s memories. Sloane and James’s trustworthiness towards other and their relationship will be tested in the sequel to The Program.

Recommendation: I recommend this book to people who like romance and science fiction. This book also has some action, but it is mostly romance and science fiction.

My Opinion: This book was a great sequel to The Program. I really liked it and can’t believe it’s over. Sloane and James’s relationship had ups and downs, but then there were the moments where they fought for each other till the end, which I think is cute. I also thought the decision they made about the pill was a good one.

Overall: This book was great and the ending was a good one.

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