Princess in the Opal Mask

Posted by Lexi your Fellow Indecisive Book Loving Finatic (FIBLF) on March 7, 2014
The Princess in the Opal MaskThe Princess in the Opal Mask by Jenny Lundquist
Release Date: October 2013
Pages: 352
Place on Hold 

Never judge a book by its cover–or even by the description on the back.  Otherwise you’ll miss this excellent book! The Princess in the Opal Mask by Jenny Lundquist is full of secrets and surprises and is most definitely enticing!

There are two girls: Elara and Wihla. Elara is an orphan who wishes to know her true identity. Wihla is a princess forced to wear a mask her whole life for reasons even unknown to herself. Not happy with their lives, both seek answers yet are unable to find the truth. But when an assassination attempts brings them face to face for the first time, their journey for the truth begins. There is no going back. But will the answers they seek redefine them? Or destroy?

Full of adventure, humor,  courage, and just the right amount of romance, this dazzling tale takes you on journey you’ll never forget.  Lundquist questions what truly defines you and having the courage to go after your desires. Rather it be a fairy tale ending or a life live not behind a mask, Elara and Wilha tale is sure to leave you basking in enjoyment!


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