The One

Posted by Alyssa T on June 27, 2014

15844362The One by Kiera Cass
Publisher: Harper Teen
Release Date: May 2014
Pages: 336
Place on Hold 

Synopsis: America was sure she wouldn’t get picked for the selection in the first book. Now in the third book, the selection has changed America’s life. She will continue to do what seems right even if that means going against what the king thinks and wants. She also has trouble finding out how she truly feels about Aspen and Prince Maxon. She eventually will sort out her feeling and will be ready for a new life. Secrets will damage her relationship with who she wants to be with, but when it comes to life or death situations choices will be made.

My Opinion: I thought this was a good ending to the series. I thought this book really showed how much the relationships have grown and changed between, Aspen and America and Prince Maxon and America. I also liked all of the moments where America went against the king because it showed that one person can make change and have a voice. She was scared of the king, but that never stopped her from doing what she thinks is right. Overall I guess I really liked America’s character and personality in the third book.

Recommendation: I recommend this book for people who like dystopia, romance and fantasy.

Overall: This book was good and ended well. It wasn’t the ending I expected, but that made it more interesting and made me like the ending more.

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