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Chasing Life (The Complete 1st Season)

To begin, I believe I am the last teenager to discover the joys of Netflix. Some friends of mine were pressuring me to watch Chasing Life from the beginning. I declined, thinking it was A Fault in Our Stars tv show knockoff. This summer, I found myself with free time and decided to watch it [...]

Supernatural 10.01

The episode opens with The Road So Far backtracked by Joan Jett’s Heartbreaker. After that we see Sam with his arm in a sling torturing a female demon trying to get information about where Dean is. The title card is this Angel grace and Devil smoke mix and it explodes the image of an upside-down [...]

The Walking Dead, 4.04

After learning Carol murdered Karen and David, Rick takes her on a supply run to discuss her actions. Tyreese, Michone , Bob and Daryl are still on the way to the veterinary college to retrieve the life saving medicine for the sick. Conditions with in the prison continue to decline. This was a gigantic Carol [...]

The Walking Dead, 4.03

After the murder of Karen and David, Rick is on a mission to find out who did it as the infection within the prison continues to spread. Do no read if you don’t want to be spoiled. You have been warned. Tyreese snapping is a huge part of this episode. At the start of the episode [...]

The Walking Dead, 4.01

The Walking Dead Episode: 4.01 “30 Days without an Accident” Channel: AMC Synopsis: After the governor’s rampage in the season three finale we see the new reality of life at the prison. But there’s a new danger developing that might give the survivors a run for their money. Do no read if you don’t want to be [...]

The Walking Dead, 4.02

 Patrick turns into a walker after a bloody death in the shower and wreaks havoc in the cell block. Soon after others start to show symptoms of his illness. How will the council and the residents of the prison handle this new threat ? In the beginning of this episode we get a glimpse into [...]