Signs of you

Posted by shorty on September 6, 2016
27272341Signs of You by Emily France
Publisher: Soho Teen
Pages: 240
Release Date: July 2016
Place on Hold

Riley is a sixteen year old who lost her mother in a car crash two years ago. The school puts her in Back on Track, a study/counseling group with Jay, Kate, and Noah who have all lost a family member. One day, while at the grocery store, Riley sees her mother who has been dead for two years. When her friends start seeing their dead family members, they set out on a mission to discover what’s going on. It will lead them to an ancient cross necklace, and an ancient manuscript of a Catholic book.

I really liked this book and would share it with my friends and other people who asked for a good book to read. At first I wasn’t sure about it, because of the religious undertones, but as the story progresses I enjoyed reading it. I also liked that there wasn’t really a love story. I mean, Riley likes Jay but it’s not all “oh my gosh, I’m broken up about seeing my dead mom in the grocery store, I need a boy to make me feel better”, it’s more like “oh my gosh I like him, does he know, will it even work out because we’re so damaged?” sort of love story. Also, she ends up kissing Noah, but that doesn’t mean they’re in love. They could’ve kissed just because the spirits were influencing them, which I don’t think constitutes as being in love. Anyway, I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a new book to read or who is looking for a mystery to read. I was drawn to Signs of you because I want to branch out and read new genres. This is definitely different than what I read. I don’t really read anything that has a sort of mystery vibe. I’ve also never read a story with a religious undertone. I really enjoyed it though, so I guess I’ll be reading more of this genre. I’ve never read anything like this before. It was sort of refreshing to read something different. Overall, I would give this an 9/10 on a scale from 0-10.

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