Secret of the Sevens

Posted by Brit on August 7, 2015
23286273Secret of the Sevens by Lynn Lindquist
Publisher: Flux
Release date: June 2015
Pages: 408
Place on Hold

How does a society of 7 suddenly become a society of 2? That's easy, a fire.

Years ago, the owner of a boarding school, that was establish for orphans / disadvantaged children, died in a fire along with 5 other members of the secret society he created. Some people think the two remaining members planned the murders and most believe they did it so they could steal the owner’s money. However, the question everyone at the school still has is: where did they go?

When one student receives an envelope saying that he can become a member of the society, he thinks it must be a joke. Only until his roommate receives the same letter does he starts taking it a bit more seriously. Also, when a former student of the school/potential buyer comes along and selects the most unlikely students to be the next pillars, everyone suspects that something must be going on. The pillars that get chosen are suppose to be the students that get the best grades and behave well, but he chose the exact opposite. When a student speaks out about the poorly chosen students, he ends up drawing attention to himself, which will make him hard to forget.

The students that have been selected to be apart of the secret society have to figure out if the original sevens have returned and more importantly, what do they want?

I thought this book was really good. Throughout it the characters have to solve riddles, so it was fun to try to figure them out before they did. I think all the mysteries and clues would make any reader enjoy it.

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