Posted by Harper Riley on November 22, 2016
28954189Scythe by Neal Shusterman
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Pages: 448
Release Date: Nov 2016
Place on Hold

The beginning of the book Scythe takes place in a future world were everything is perfect there’s no hunger, no disease, no war, no misery, and no death the only people who are obligated to kill are the Scythe’s. A Scythe can be related to the Grim Reaper because there job is to kill people because in the future people can live forever now the term used when a Scythe kills someone is called gleaning. People can live forever by doing what they call “turning the corner” which means they can change there age to whatever age they want to be. When a Scythe kills someone they don’t have reasons why they deserve to die they just kill people randomly. But sometimes a Scythe can be nice to you because a Scythe’s most favorite possession is their ring which allows them to grant whomever they choose immunity for one year from gleaning and no one can glean you. In order to be immune for gleaning the Scythe who granted you immunity must have you kiss their ring and then it’s kept in the Scythedom’s immunity database. In order to become a Scythe you must first be chosen to be a Scythe’s apprentice then you have to take a test at the end of your apprenticeship in order to get your ring to become a Scythe and the Scythe’s say to the apprentices its the hardest thing you have to do. The future world is run by The Thunderhead which sees everything they can get involved in any business but the Thunderhead can never get involved with Scythe business.

The basic plot of the story is that Scythe Faraday takes in two apprentices a girl named Citra and a boy named Rowan. Normally taking in two apprentices is unheard of doing because only one apprentice from each Scythe will earn there ring. When Scythe Faraday takes in his two apprentices both of them neither want to be a Scythe but they have no choice. When they attend the Vernal conclave Scythe Rand proposes that the better apprentice of the two has to glean the loser at the end of their apprenticeship at the Winter conclave. Eventually Scythe Faraday that was teaching them committed suicide and when a Scythe dies they can’t be brought back to life. So Citra and Rowan are separated and they are taught way differently. Citra gets Scythe Curie whos a responsible Scythe, but Rowan gets Scythe Goddard whos an irresponsible teacher who kills for the joy of it and eventually turns Rowan into a killing machine who thirsts for blood.

I liked this book a lot I thought that the ending was okay but not great. I liked this book because I liked the amount of action it has and even though I thought that this book did have a couple boring parts I really enjoyed it. The ending to me was good I wish that it would of have been spent more time on because I would say that it would almost be a cliché because it basically goes along with some of the other stories that I have read.

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