Return to Me

Posted by Amanda on January 8, 2013

Return to MeReturn to Me by Justina Chen
Publisher: Little Brown
Release Date: Jan 2013
Pages: 352
Place on Hold 

Synopsis: When Rebecca Muir’s life falls apart she is left with the startling revelation that everything she’s always believed has been a lie. Desperately trying to put back the shattered pieces of her life, Rebecca goes on a journey that will change her forever.

Characters: The characters in this book were real and absolutely amazing; the author did a tremendous job developing them. I feel in love with Rebecca and her story instantly and I don’t think she could have been more perfect for this novel. I also admire the way the author was able to change all the characters so drastically in only one book while still making it feel real. In one word the characters were perfect.

Action: This novel didn’t have the traditional action but Rebecca was fighting her own emotional war. As you’re taken through her heart wrenching story you can’t help but feel like your right there with her through every betrayal and heartbreak she suffers. So, even though this book lacks traditional action you fight Rebecca’s emotional battles with her.

Romance: This novel is based off romance. Whether it is romance gone wrong, the hardships of being in love or how strong love can be…love and romance are the basis of the story.

Overall: This was awe inspiring novel from start to finish. Rebecca’s journey and personal transformation felt real and pulled you in. I will definitely recommend this novel in the future.

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