Posted by Nique98 on July 2, 2014
15769788Rebel by Amy Tintera
Publisher: Harper Collins
Release Date: May 2014
Pages: 352
Place on Hold 

Note this review contains spoilers for Reboot and Rebel

In Rebel by Amy Tintera, 178 the highest number to have ever rebooted, the strongest, fastest at everything; her name is Wren. 22 Callum is basically human. After they successfully escape from HARC and Wren gets the antidote to cure Callum they free the reboots locked up. As a group they move to their next destination, the rebels camp. At first glance its amazing everyone is quickly thrown into battle and the numbers and skill is outstanding. Yet, as time goes on the glossy finish and exterior of the rebels leader Micah tarnishes, leaving his true motive behind. Wren, Callum and the reboots try to unite with the humans and free the facility of reboots so there will no longer be war and separation between the two races. This book I recommend to anybody who has read the first book, Reboot. And to abybody who would be interested in reading that book.

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