Posted by Amanda on November 1, 2012

Quarantine #1: The LonersQuarantine: The Loners by Lex Thomas
Publisher: Egmont
Release Date: July 2012
Pages: 416
Place on Hold 

Synopsis:  When a horrible government accident traps the teenagers of McKinley High School inside it, they find themselves in a struggle for life or death. Life becomes every man for himself, especially during food drops.  Vicious fights break out as each gang tries to take over control of McKinley High. With constant heart pounding action and a Hunger Games feel this book is impossible to put down.

Characters:  The main character David is definitely admirable. He doesn’t belong to a gang and fights every day for his and his brother’s lives with bravery and cunningness. The authors did a great job of building David’s character and making sure the changes in David were believable and unhurried; something that added and authentic feel to the story. While David’s character wasn’t the most original it definitely worked with the story.

Action:  Much like the Hunger Games this book was packed with heart stopping action and bloody fights to the death.  The thing that made this book different from other similar action stories is unexpected. I didn’t expect half of the storylines that happened. This book definitely was not short on action.

Romance:  Like all good dystopian books this one had romance. However, the authors balanced the action and romance perfectly. As with the Hunger Games, the existence of romance only made the action more complex and interesting. The romance was never “too much” but just enough to enhance the book as a whole.

Overall:  This was a really great book that will be a huge hit with fans of the Hunger Games. The characters were relatable and the romance added to the un-put-downable- ness of the story. On a scale of one to ten, I would have to put this at a ten.

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