Posted by Amanda on June 12, 2013

PoisonPoison by  Bridget Zinn
Release Date: March 2013
Pages: 288
Place on Hold  Synopsis:  Potion master, Kyra, set out to murder her best friend, princess Ariana, but for the first time ever her poisonous dart misses. Charged with the attempted assignation of the princess Kyra is on the run. She will do any thing it takes to avoid capture because the kingdom must be saved and the princess is not dead yet.

Characters:  The characters in this book were strong and well written. I admired Kyra’s strength from the beginning. Her determination to save the kingdom even if it meant murdering her best friend was also great.

Action: There is definitely a lot of kick butt action in this book. Kyra is on a mission and she’s not letting anyone stop her.

Romance: Despite Kyra’s initial reluctance there is romance in this book. It was made better by the fact that Kyra is not a damsel in distress and did not need his help. In other words, it wasn’t a needy dependent relationship like we see in so many other books which I appreciate.

Overall: Overall, this was a great action filled book with well written kick butt characters.

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