Perfect Escape

Posted by Amanda on October 31, 2012

Perfect EscapePerfect Escape by Jennifer Brown
Publisher: Little Brown
Release Date: July 2012
Pages: 368
Place on Hold 

Synopsis: Kendra’s brother Grayson has a horrible case of OCD that had left his family in a state if worry and disarray since he was first diagnosed. Always living in the shadow of Grayson’s illness, Kendra strives for perfection but when her perfect facade falters Kendra falters, to0. Unable to face the music, Kendra goes on the trip of her life taking her brother with her.

Characters: Jennifer Brown did a great job of building the characters in this story. Kendra had real and selfish motives that made the story much more believable. Grayson’s compulsions and behaviors were realistic and well thought out. She did a wonderful job with maintaining the consistency and frequency of his compulsions while still in keeping with the story. All in all, the characters were amazing and perfect for this novel.

Action: While the action in the book wasn’t typical, it did have its own special kind of action. The whole premise of the book is that they are escaping all their problems by impromptu road trip, which comes with action all its own. Throw in a teenage boy with OCD in an uncontrolled environment and you have one action filled book. Needless to say it was pretty great.

Romance: There was no real romance in this book. Although, considering the idea behind the book, I didn’t expect there to be. Truthfully, I think if there would have been more romance in this book it really would have ruined it.

Overall: Overall, this was a great and truthful novel powered by a unique concept. I would definitely recommend it in the future.

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