Nowhere But Here

Posted by Amanda on May 25, 2015

23492282Title: Nowhere But Here
Author: Katie McGarry
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Release Date: May 2015
Pages: 496
Place on Hold 

Synopsis: Emily has led a sheltered life with her mother and adopted father. She knows about her real dad’s lifestyle; her mother always told her that Eli, and his motorcycle club The Reign Of Terror, were bad news. But, she can’t help but be a little bit curious about what exactly her mother is running from. When she and her family attend the funeral of Emily’s grandmother the unthinkable happens, a rival club tries to take Emily. As the daughter of one of the Terrors most respected members, she’s now in danger.
Oz has one goal, join the Reign Of Terror, they’ve always been like a family to him and he can’t wait to become an actual brother. He would do anything for the Terror, so when he is assigned to protect Emily, he’s determined not to screw it up. Both he and Emily get so much more then they bargained for as battle lines are drawn and sparks fly between them.

This was a great book. I love Katie McGarry and everything she does is wonderful, however I don’t think it was as strong as her other books. My main problem was that Emily and Oz didn’t have much of an emotional connection. They definitely had a physical attraction, but I’m still trying to figure out when they stopped hating each other and why they started loving each other. For most of the book the relationship went something like this

OZ: you are a spoiled little brat that can’t listen. You don’t respect or understand our club or our family and you shouldn’t act the way you do. I cant believe I have to baby sit you, but part of me is glad I do because I find you irresistible even though I kind of hate you and you father would kill me.

EMILY: You guys are scary, I’m still not sure if you do illegal stuff or not. I think you guys are overreacting and trying to keep me here on purpose. I want to go home. You are a jerk and you yell at me a lot. Also I don’t agree with your lifestyle, why do you keep bras on the wall, eww. But at the same time I find you irresistible and I really want to kiss you even though I know I shouldn’t and that you are a ” bad boy”.

And then suddenly we went form that to

OZ: I’m really falling for this girl and I’m not the falling in love type of person. She gets me. Her dad is going to kill me. I have to protect Emily.

EMILY: I really like Oz. I also really like my family. I like it here. This isn’t so bad, I could get used to the yelling and the bras on the wall. In fact it’s kind of charming.


I have no idea how we got form point A to point B. All I know is that it happened. That was all I didn’t like. Like why ? Im all for physical attraction and character transformation but you have to show me how it happens. They were great, funny characters, I just wasn’t sure how they ended up together. Other than that this was another great book by Katie McGarry.

I really loved the back story of the relationship between Eli and Emily’s mother. It just made the book for me. It was all very motorcycle club Romeo and Juliet. I also liked that the author portrayed The Reign Of Terror in an overall positive light. Most people do assume the worst of motorcycle clubs, even though most are actually legitimate organizations. It was great that she showed the club as a kind of family, built on respect and trust and friendship. It was a really refreshing and positive take on what is usually made to be negative.

Emily’s relationship with her family was hilarious, interesting and beautiful all at the same time. I loved Olivia and how her relationship with Emily developed so uniquely. It was really just them going at each other until they finally respected each other and did it in a loving way. Emily’s whole family was amazing; I was glad to see that by the end of the book she came to love them too. They were loud, crazy and totally different from what she had grown up with and in the beginning that was a problem for Emily. She was kind of like ” I cant possibly come from these people “, like surprise, you totally did and we all feel the same way you do. We are also way more like our embarrassing family members than we care to admit, only yours happen to be in a motorcycle gang. The whole thing conveyed a nice message that just become someone/something is different than what you know, doesn’t mean it’s bad, scary, weird or any other offensive adjective. It’s just different from you, and that’s okay. And as Emily finds out, it can even be awesome.

I really liked the backstory, which I won’t spoil, but it was definitely an ‘white knuckle grip on your book, I need to know what happens NOW’ kind of story. It was interesting and unique as always. Thank you Katie Mcgarry, for making romance books that are more than ‘ boy meets girl’.

Overall this was another great book by Katie McGarry. If you like romance, read this book. If you don’t like romance read this book, it will convert you.

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