No Such Person

Posted by Brit on August 14, 2015
23395340No Such Person by Caroline B. Cooney
Publisher: Delacorte
Release date: July 2015
Pages: 246
Place on Hold

The Allerdon family visit trip to their cottage starts with an unexpected event. When a water accident happens right in front of the dock, Miranda and her older sister Lander are the first ones to notice it. Miranda suspects that the “accident” was actually planned and that the boy driving the boat (Jason) purposely meant to kill his friend (Derry) by driving the boat towards a barge. Even though Miranda tries explaining this to Lander, her sister thinks that Miranda is trying to make something more out of the situation like she use to do when they were younger. As neighbors crowd around and search teams go to look for Derry, Jason stays at the dock. Miranda can’t help thinking about why he isn’t out there searching too. All of this makes Miranda uncomfortable and suspicious about Jason. Lander does not seem to care though because she starts spending more and more time with Jason. Lander has fallen in love with the guy that her sister believes is a murderer.

The first few pages didn’t draw me in, but as I continued to read I became more interested.  Each chapter switched from one sister telling the story to the other sister telling it. Once I finished it I was surprised at how much I liked it. It is a short book, so if you ever want something fast, yet interesting to read I would recommend this book.

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