Magic Thief: Home

Posted by Nique98 on October 6, 2014
20483059Title: Magic Thief: Home
Author: Sarah Prineas
Publisher: HarperCollins
Release Date: Sept. 2014
Pages: 416
Place on Hold 

Conn a wizard and used to be gutterboy has come a long way. He saved his city of Wellment and now his friend the duchess of the Sunrise is proposing the idea of him being the Ducal magister. A Ducal magister is the city’s most important wizard. However, since Conn is a former thief the other wizards don’t trust him to be in a position of power. In the midst of this, another chaos awakens and all the wizards locus magicalius stones are dissapearing. These stones are what the wizards use to project their magic.  Conn is being blamed due his past life. To clear his name and to solve the mystery he returns to his old ways and searches through the Twilight for leads on the missing stones.

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