Lucy in the Sky

Posted by Amanda on May 29, 2014

13259157Lucy in the Sky 
by Anonymous
Release Date: May 2012
Pages: 278
Place on Hold 

Synopsis:  A good girl from a good family receives a diary from her brother on her 16th birthday. In it she records everything from her first drink to her first hit and ultimately her trip to rehab. This journal shows a teenage girls slide into addiction and asks the question once you’ve started can you stop ?

Obviously, since this book is written in the tradition of Go Ask Alice, I love it. This one is definitely one of my favorite books about addiction  because it shows that it can happen to anyone. She was an honor role student who did yoga and it really shows how easily addiction can start. She goes to a party and has one wine cooler. Next time she has two. The time after that she has three and smokes pot. Then she takes Xanax. Eventually she’s using cocaine every day. It demonstrated that not everyone who’s an addict comes from the bad part of town and has addict parents. It also shows that no one really sets out to become an addict. Most importantly it showed that one time is all it takes. I would definitely recommend this book to mature readers.

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