Letting Ana Go

Posted by Amanda on November 25, 2013

16074809Letting Ana Go by Anonymous
Release Date: June 2013
Pages: 304
Place on Hold 

Synopsis: Ana is from a good family, gets good grades and is on the cross country team, she has it all. When her coach makes the runners keep a food diary she treats it like a joke. Until she doesn’t. Looking at all she eats laid out on paper she can’t help but feel the she weighs and eats a little to much. Her friend Jill feels the same way and together they go on a ” diet” that quickly spirals out of control. This is the story of Ana who had and lost it all.

I love love love love love this book.  I love books that are in the tradition of go ask Alice because they are so raw. You really went inside her mind as she made the change from normal healthy girl to some one with anorexia. I loved the irony of how her eating disorder started. The journal that was meant to monitor what they ate and keep them in check was what started her downward spiral. The partnership that she and Jill had was really interesting. It was like they were saving and destroying each other at the same time. Ana was trying to keep Jill from going downhill but the whole time Jill is just pulling Ana down with her and the interesting part was that Ana didn’t even notice. She just adopted Jill’s way of thinking. The way the author used Jack was different and I really liked it. His romantic interest in her grew as she lost more and more weight. However, from his perspective he was just getting to know her better, which is why he liked her more. Then you have Ana’s perspective which was that Jack liked her more because she was losing more and more weight, which just fueled her anorexia. And them you have Jill’s mother who is also sick and encourages their anorexia. That was the most messed up part for me, that Jill’s mother knew about their eating habits and encouraged and even facilitated it. I have to say though, my favorite part was the ending. (SPOILER ALERT ) When I read Ana’s death report from the ER I was shocked and sad but I felt like it was the perfect way to end this book. It shows how dangerous anorexia really is. I would recommend this book anytime.

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