In Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World

Posted by Brit on July 31, 2015
22886112In Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World by Joey Graceffa
Publisher: Atria/Keywords Press
Release date: May 19th 2015
Pages: 257
Place on Hold

Nearly 5 million YouTube subscribers.  2.5 million Instagram followers. Well over a million likes on Facebook. Close to 2.4 million followers on Twitter.                   

Joey Graceffa is truly loved by many fans on the internet.

This entire book is about moments in his life, some of which he had not told anyone else about. While reading you will discover facts about Joey that you probably never knew before. Some parts are relateable while others are unimaginable.

Joey did not have the simplest life growing up. Whether it was family issues with his mom, or not being accepted he struggled to figure out who he really was. When him and his friend Brittany started a YouTube channel called WinterSpringPro he was able to just have fun and act out their crazy ideas. Later on, Joey was able to get many opportunities like, working with teen.com, starting his own channel and moving out to Los Angeles.

Even if you are not a fan of Joey, or have no clue who he is, this book is still an incredible story that you should read. Seeing how Joey took hard moments from his life and allowed himself to grow from it, is truly inspiring. He motivates people to be themselves, do things when they feel are ready to not when other people are forcing them to, and live a life that they will love.

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