Heir of Fire

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Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass)

Title: Heir of Fire
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Release Date: Sept. 2014
Pages: 565
Place on Hold 

With all characters: bad and good, new and old, Sarah J. Maas is turning up the heat in the Heir of Fire. Deadly, beautiful, intoxicating, and a breath of hope for the first time for Celaena, Dorian, and Chaol… this is the beginning of a revolution, the beginning of an end.

Celaena broken and destroyed by Nahemia’s death sent to the one place where she will be forced to face her fears once and for all. She has been running from it all: her past, her destiny, her memories, herself. But with the constant reminder of her promise to Nehimia and a little tough love and care from her new friends in Wendlyn, will this get Celaena back in action or will she remain broken forever? Celaena will have to learn embrace all she is if she wishes to keep the promises and bring value to the sacrifices people continue to make to push her towards success. Celaena develops into such a strong character, for the first time I feel like we really know the real Celaena… and who she was before she became Ardalan’s greatest assassin.

Lucky for Celaena, she meets kickass, no nonsense Rowan. Rowan Whitehorn definitely will have a special place in your heart. In the beginning he’s secretive, and brooding and full of sharp wit–specially directed at Celaena. He challenges her and doesn’t put up with her act. Rowan is hard on her, beats the stuffing out of her at times too. But he forces her to look at herself for the first time in a long time. And he is exactly what she needs. The more time the two spend together, the closer they become and what blossoms from their dark past is an intimate(not in the romantic sense) relationship so beautiful it puts the Titanic, the Notebook, Romeo and Juliet to shame—you will know they were made for each other. When the once scarily intense, stubborn, lethal Rowan begins to soften around the edges; when he smiles, cracks a joke or two, and begins to open up? The feeling of contentment and happiness that they feel and what it will cause you to feel…is just beautiful. 

Another new character introduced is Manon Blackbeak— an Ironteeth witch who is heir of the Blackbeak Coven. She and the other witches are revealed to be the king’s latest schemes. Although presented on the enemy’s side, Manon fiery, determined, sassy spirit makes it hard not to just love her. On her adventures, we start to see a side of Manon that is not usually associated with the villain, and it makes her stand out. She, has a character, is full of so much promise.

Meanwhile back in Adarlan, Chaol is still reeling from the shocking discovery of Celaena and Dorian’s powers. He feels betrayed and is not sure where to place his loyalties. This puts even more strain on his relationship with Dorian–which is already in shambles do to what happened in Crown of Midnight, and I have to say through most of this book I want to kill Chaol, simply because he is acting so immature. Yes, what happened is a shock but you have to move beyond that. But in the end Chaol definitely redeems himself, when he makes a hard decision.

And finally there is our wonderful, broken prince, Dorian. Struggling because he feels left behind and betrayed by his only true friends, Celaena and Chaol he does not know what to do with himself. But when a magical mishap leads him to befriending a shy healer, things are finally looking up for our humble prince. This is Dorian finally growing beyond Celaena and finding his own footing. 

With great character development even for the new characters, Sarah has created a real piece of art. Heir of Fire is bringing hope, loyalty, and badass-ness to an all new level. The Throne of Glass can be compared to a fine wine—it just gets better with age!

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