Half Bad

Posted by Lexi your Fellow Indecisive Book Loving Finatic (FIBLF) on June 11, 2014
18079804Half Bad by Sally Green
Release Date: Mar 2014
Pages: 394
Place on Hold 

To be persecuted because of your blood. Held accountable for the actions of a family you’ve never met. When you live a life full of struggle, hatred, and the few you things you hold dear are ripped away from you… Your living Nathan Bryn’s life.

Nathan is a special child. Revered yet feared because he is half-white half-black witch. Because of a vision, Nathan is caged and treated lower than a dog, trained to one day kill the man who is responsible for his life on earth. But Nathan has other plans, and they don’t include killing his father. Nathan just wants his freedom and to protect those he loves and he intends to do it… no matter who stands in his way.

Sally Green has created a world full of vision and promise, a world where the line between good and bad may not always be clear, a world in which giving your best may never be enough. Nathan story is one sure to inspire as he single-handedly takes on those who only desire to use him, abuse him, or simply wish him dead. Very unique in the way it is told. Even though it is slow at times the imagery sucks you into a world you can’t forget.

Half Bad is a perfect mixture of heartbreak and comic relief, glorified moments and times of despair, all-encompassing love and bitter hatred. Nathan is a hero and giving his story a chance… well wouldn’t be half that bad.

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