Graduation Day

Posted by Amanda on June 20, 2014

18222699Graduation Day  by Joelle Charbonneau
Release Date: June  2014
Pages: 304
Place on Hold 

Synopsis: Cia Vale wants to put an end to The Testing once and for all. She’s prepared to join the rebel alliance and fight when she finds out the corruption of the united common wealth runs even deeper than she thought. To put an end to the testing, Cia is going to have to figure out who she can really trust and to do that she’s going to need to create a few tests of her own.

This book was an amazing end to the Testing Series. I loved the plot twist where  the rebel alliance was actually being controlled by people who run the testing. It was so out of left field and unlike anything I’ve ever read before. I was expecting the generic ” find rebel alliance, fight with rebel alliance, rebel alliance wins, cut to epilogue of near perfect society after rebel alliance wins ” progression of events. This was totally unique and made the book way more enjoyable.

I also loved the way the president   sent Cia on that epic assassination mission. It was totally unexpected and also slightly impossible which made the book even more interesting. She can’t work with the rebel alliance, if she’s being watched constantly. She has no clue who she can trust and she has murder some of the most powerful people in cold blood which goes against everything she stands for.

Then there was the whole moral conflict when she had to figure out a way to ” test ” her friends to find out who she could trust. She knew she had to test them because her life depended on their trustworthiness but in doing so she was no better than the people she was trying to stop.  And then she had to stop and reevaluate her whole mission because as cruel as it is, testing them in that way is effective. But in the end, she stood her moral ground and decided that it was cruel and wrong to subject people to tests like that and kill them if they fail which is obviously the right choice to make.

All in all this was a great book, a great end to the series and it was totally unpredictable. I really like this book. It was unique and completely unputdownable.

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