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19286527Feuds by Avery Hastings
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Release Date: September 2014
Pages: 272
Place on Hold 

Synopsis: Davis and Cole live in a world where Priors are perfect and rich. Imps are poor, low life and work for the Priors. Priors and Imps hate each other and it is illegal for Priors and Imps to have relationships. Davis is a Prior and Cole is an Imp. They should hate each other but instead they are drawn to each other. Davis has spent her whole life training for the Olympiads so she can become one of the best ballerinas in the world and also trying to live up to her mother’s legacy. Davis only cares about the Olympiads, that is until Cole comes along. Cole has a rough life and fights in the FEUDS, an illegal fighting ring where priors gamble on the Imps that fight. Cole wants a better life for him and his family, that is his motivation for fighting in the FEUDS. He will do anything to get the life he wants even if that means doing things for his sponsor Parson Abel. Parson wants Cole to get close to Davis and Cole does it because he needs Parson to get him into the FEUDS. When Cole meets Davis she isn’t what he expected her to be. Falling in love was never part of either of their plans. Narxis, a deadly virus that kills only priors, was not apart of their plan either. None of the priors  acknowledge the virus, expect Davis. She worries when her friends disappear and wants to know more , Cole is the only one who will help her.  Their love is forbidden, but it also becomes their only motivation. This book is told from Davis’s side of the story and Cole’s too.

My Opinion: This book sounded cheesy and seemed similar to other books when I read the summary, but I actually ended up liking this book. Yes it has a deadly virus and forbidden love like many other books, but it was still interesting. A lot of things happened that I did not see coming. After a couple of chapters, I was hooked and could not put the book down. Something happens in almost every chapter that makes you want to keep reading. Sadly, it ends with a cliff hanger, but hopefully a second book will come out.

Recommendation: I recommend this book to people who like science fiction and romance.

Overall: I really liked this book and I hope you read it and like it!


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