Faking Normal

Posted by Alyssa T on July 4, 2014

15726915Faking Normal by Courtney C. Stevens
Publisher: Harper Collins Children's books
Release Date: February 2014
Pages: 336
Place on Hold 

Synopsis:  Alexi Littrell is a very nice girl, but has a secret she has never told anyone. Alexi has never told anyone because she knows it will change things. It is hard for Alexi to live with this secret, so hard that she takes it out on herself by aggressively scratching the back of her neck. She thinks no one notices the pain she puts herself through, but one person does. “The Kool-Aid Kid,” also know as Bodee Lennox, who also has secrets. When Alexi and Bodee become friends they help each other get through their tough times. In the end, Alexi has the courage to tell her family the secret she has been keeping thanks to her unlikely friend, Bodee.

Recommend: I would recommend this book to anyone who likes romance and realistic fiction.

My Opinion: I really liked this book. I thought it did a great job showing what a secret like this can do to you and what it can take to overcome it. I also think it does a good job showing the fears you can have from a secret like this. For example, the fear of what your family will think and other people. I also really liked the romance in the book. It wasn’t too much nor too little romance. Do not skip to the end to find out what her secret is! It will ruin the book! Trust me, you will probably guess or have an idea to what her secret is. Well anyway, I really liked reading this book and I hope you like it as much as I did.

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