Express Yourself

Posted by Brit on August 24, 2015
25644339Express Yourself by Emily Roberts
Publisher:  Instant Help
Release date: June 2015
Place on Hold

A book made for young girls and teen girls. It gives personal stories from other girls that have had experiences that the reader may have one day. The chapters are filled with quizzes to take.  The quizzes are meant for the answers to be written out, so you can go back and see how you responded to them from the beginning of the book to the end. This gives girls situations to see how they may react and how they should consider reacting. It is meant to help build self-esteem and help girls find out who they really are. By learning how you respond to certain things can say a lot about yourself, which is the purpose of this book. It also has advice on how to allow you to express yourself. It gives tips on how to feel comfortable with yourself. Overall, this book is helpful and allows the reader to develop more confidence. I would recommend it to girls around the ages of 10-15, but it really is a good book for any girl to read.

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