Defy by Sara B. Larson

Posted by Lexi your Fellow Indecisive Book Loving Finatic (FIBLF) on June 16, 2014
17406847Defy by Sara B. Larson
Release Date: Jan 2014
Pages: 336
Place on Hold 

Sara B. Larson has made quiet a stellar debut into the world of YA authors. Defy is her gift to humanity.  Heartfelt!  Action-Packed! And completely captivating! Larson delivers a story where it is dangerous to be who you really are and what it means to trust and love.

Alex Hollen is a fighter. Practically unstoppable, and his skills land him a place on Prince Damian’s guard. However Alex has a secret. Alex is really Alexa Hollen. Forced to keep herself disguised or face an unimaginable fate, Alex constantly is on guard. But when a powerful sorcerer kidnaps Alex, her fellow guard and friend Rylan,  and Prince Damian himself, keeping her secret may be impossible. But it turns out she is not the only one who has dark secrets. Faced with new challenges Alex must find a way to conquer hidden enemies, betrayals, and her own heart.

Larson’s intoxicating world full of deceptions, magic, power, and romance is something to not be missed. Defy defies anything you can expect out of  a great story. Truly something one would be a fool to miss.

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