Daughter of Deep Silence

Posted by Brit on August 10, 2015

23281652Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan
Publisher: Dutton Books for Young Readers
Release date: May 2015
Place on Hold

When things go wrong some people start to fall apart. Frances Mace is one of those people.

When a trip on the ship called the Persephone turns into a brutal attack by gunman, Frances scrambles to find a hiding place in order to survive. As lucky as she is to be hidden well, the view she has is not great. From her side she can see the gunman approach her parents room, hear screams and then the sound of a gunshot.

Frances and her friend Libby O’Martin are found by Libby’s father a week after the attack. Unfortunately, the rescuers arrive a little to late. Libby died on the raft right before they arrive. Now that Frances thinks she is the only survivor from the attack and with no one left to turn to, she starts to wish that she was the one that died, not Libby.

Things get worst when Frances sees an interview later on the television in her hospital room. The screen shows a senator and his son talking about the Persephone. Frances quickly realizes that it is Grey, the boy she fell in love with on the ship. What shocks her even more is that the story they are telling the reporters are all a lie. Why would they lie about what happened that day? Frances  doesn’t want to believe that they were somehow apart of the attack, but can’t think of a better reason as to why they wouldn’t tell the truth.

Also, when Libby’s father tells Frances that he knows a way to keep her safe and will take care of her, she thinks it is too good to be true. And she’s right. Libby’s father will protect Frances but, only if she pretends to be Libby. How does someone suddenly become their dead best friend?

This has definitely become one of my favorite books. Once I started reading it I couldn’t stop because I knew the next chapter would be as exciting as the one before. I liked how the character constantly had plans in progress and it always went back to the theme of revenge. I wish there were a little more to the ending, but it was still a great book.

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