Dare You To

Posted by Amanda on March 6, 2014

Dare You ToDare You To by Katie McGarry
Release Date: May 2013
Pages: 456
Place on Hold 

Synopsis: Beth’s home life is a mess. Her mother is an alcoholic and if anyone knew what really happened in her house her mother would be sent to jail. Beth’s spent her whole life protecting her mother until one day there’s something she can’t protect her from. Her uncle Scott. He knows way too much about Beth’s home life and he gives her a choice, come live with him or he will send her mother to jail. With no choice left, she goes to live with him and her aunt (who doesn’t like her) and starts attending a school where no one could ever understand her. But then she meets Ryan. The town golden boy with secretes to keep. Ryan and his friends love to dare each other to do crazy things. Imagine Ryan’s surprise when the skater girl that started off as a dare moved to his town and showed him there’s more to her than meets the eye.

I love the way this series is written. Instead of making one big story and stretching it out throughout the books each book gives one of our characters their own story. It’s so unique and just plain awesome. You get a different story every time yet they’re all flawlessly connected. This book featured Beth’s story and out of the three it’s my favorite. The author shows you a whole other side of Beth than she did during the first book. It was awesome and the change in Beth through out this book was really dramatic. The only problem was that because the author was spending so much time developing Beth I found it hard to like Ryan. It’s like we knew things about him but he didn’t really have a personality. Other than that the characters were perfect.

Beth and Ryan’s romance  was really realistic. I would say that’s my favorite thing about these books. They have romance but they also have all these other heavy real life issues the characters have to deal with and they deal with them together. They may have fights and break downs but in the end they love each other and they help each other through it and they stay together. I loved this book just like I loved the first book. I would definitely recommend it.

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