Chasing Life (The Complete 1st Season)

Posted by Sky D on July 7, 2015
Chasing_Life Chasing Life
Episodes: 1.1 Pilot - 1.21 One Day
Air Dates: June 10 2014 - March 23 2015
Channel: ABC Family

To begin, I believe I am the last teenager to discover the joys of Netflix. Some friends of mine were pressuring me to watch Chasing Life from the beginning. I declined, thinking it was A Fault in Our Stars tv show knockoff. This summer, I found myself with free time and decided to watch it since I had nothing better to do.

I watched all 21 episodes in 3 days. I’m hooked.

If others like me, thought it was an FIOS knockoff, you’re wrong! The only thing they have in common to me is the cancer topic. Chasing Life stars Italia Ricci as April Carver, an aspiring 24 year old journalist whose life changes when she discovers she has leukemia.

My favorite thing about this series are the supporting characters. Of course April is the main character but the secondary story lines are interesting as well. There is April’s mother, Sara, who is trying to get back into the dating scene. April’s sister, Brenna, the rebellious sibling who is dealing with many coming of age issues. Other characters include: Beth, the best friend, George, the uncle and Leo and Dominic, the love interests. (I’m Team Leo since day 1! Although Dominic’s dimples get me every time)

Of course, since the series deals with cancer, there are a lot of emotional ups and downs. I probably cried 10 times but I am a slightly over emotional person. I enjoyed seeing how the family members dealt with the cancer along with their own issues at the same time.

I finished watching season 1 just in time because season 2 beings July 6th! If I caught up, you can too! This is the best ABC Family show since The Fosters!

My Favorite Episodes:

1.8 Death Becomes Her

1.11 Locks of Love

1.14 Cancer Friends with Benefits

1.19 Life Actually

1.21 One Day


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