The Treatment by Suzanne Young

The Treatment by Suzanne Young
Release Date: April 2014
Pages: 352
Place on Hold 

Synopsis: After barely escaping The Program, a treatment for the suicide epidemic among young adults, Sloane and James are on the run with a group of rebels. Soon they realize that The Program has taken large chunks of their memories and they aren’t finished with them yet. Desperate to retain their memories Sloane and James hide with the rebels but it’s only a matter of time before The Program comes looking. Can Sloane and James survive another encounter with The Program ?

I loved this book. It was an extremely well done sequel and ending to the story of The Program. Sloane and James had a fantastic relationship and I loved the way the author played it out in the book. It was like even though they had forgotten who they were they still knew they loved each other. The idea of the orange pill AKA the treatment throughout the book was really interesting. They had a pill that could make them remember their whole lives but only one of them could have it. I liked that in the end Sloane realized that regaining her memories would change who she had become and she didn’t want that. I liked that she was brave enough to not remember. I thought the way the author used the characters to represent the different effects of The Program was really interesting. Roger was corrupt and used his power for evil, Dallas was damaged and angry about what The Program had done to her, Sloane and James were angry at the program for taking their memories and destroying their lives, Cas had never been touched by The Program so he was naive enough to believe that they would keep their promise and the list goes on. She showed that The Program was a big cause for a lot of what they were created to fix and I liked the irony of it all. I can’t find a single bad thing to say about this book which is rare. I’ll just end by saying that I absolutely loved this book and I would definitely recommend it and The Program to everyone.

13014522Learning Not to Drown by Anna Shinoda
Release Date:
Apr. 2014
Place on Hold 

Everyone has a few skeletons in the closet, but what happens when yours is up and walking around ? Following you everywhere you go, whispering in your ear, ever present. This is the life of Clare who in her small town is constantly reminded of her family’s Skelton, her older brother Luke and his criminal past. But no matter what Luke has done her parents will always put him first. Clare must learn to come to terms with her brother, her family skeletons and herself.

I loved this book. My favorite part was that the author portrayed her ” skeleton in the closet” as a skeleton that followed her around in her daily life. It really represented how her brothers actions affected and followed her. I liked the progression of the book and how until the end we were never quite sure what her brother had done. That added a lot to the story. It was like as she found out more about her brother she lost the innocence of loving him as her big brother and came to terms with the skeleton. I hated Clare’s mother with a passion. She was so strict and mean and cold to Clare when it was Luke that needed the tough love. She was stupid to believe Luke and continue to help him. I understand that parents love their children but after so many times of him ending up in jail she should have given him some tough love instead of taking it out in Clare. I think in her own way she was trying to prevent Clare from turning into Luke with all her rules but it was stupid and unfair to Clare. I really loved everything the author did with Luke, from his crimes to his manipulative personality, it was perfect. Even though Luke was the bad guy you couldn’t help but like him a little which was the whole point because it showed how her parents must have felt about him. The while book was just amazingly we’ll doe and I loved it. I would recommend this book.

The Princess in the Opal MaskThe Princess in the Opal Mask by Jenny Lundquist
Release DateOctober 2013
Place on Hold 

Never judge a book by its cover–or even by the description on the back.  Otherwise you’ll miss this excellent book! The Princess in the Opal Mask by Jenny Lundquist is full of secrets and surprises and is most definitely enticing!

There are two girls: Elara and Wihla. Elara is an orphan who wishes to know her true identity. Wihla is a princess forced to wear a mask her whole life for reasons even unknown to herself. Not happy with their lives, both seek answers yet are unable to find the truth. But when an assassination attempts brings them face to face for the first time, their journey for the truth begins. There is no going back. But will the answers they seek redefine them? Or destroy?

Full of adventure, humor,  courage, and just the right amount of romance, this dazzling tale takes you on journey you’ll never forget.  Lundquist questions what truly defines you and having the courage to go after your desires. Rather it be a fairy tale ending or a life live not behind a mask, Elara and Wilha tale is sure to leave you basking in enjoyment!


Dare You ToDare You To by Katie McGarry
Release Date:
May 2013
Place on Hold 

Synopsis: Beth’s home life is a mess. Her mother is an alcoholic and if anyone knew what really happened in her house her mother would be sent to jail. Beth’s spent her whole life protecting her mother until one day there’s something she can’t protect her from. Her uncle Scott. He knows way too much about Beth’s home life and he gives her a choice, come live with him or he will send her mother to jail. With no choice left, she goes to live with him and her aunt (who doesn’t like her) and starts attending a school where no one could ever understand her. But then she meets Ryan. The town golden boy with secretes to keep. Ryan and his friends love to dare each other to do crazy things. Imagine Ryan’s surprise when the skater girl that started off as a dare moved to his town and showed him there’s more to her than meets the eye.

I love the way this series is written. Instead of making one big story and stretching it out throughout the books each book gives one of our characters their own story. It’s so unique and just plain awesome. You get a different story every time yet they’re all flawlessly connected. This book featured Beth’s story and out of the three it’s my favorite. The author shows you a whole other side of Beth than she did during the first book. It was awesome and the change in Beth through out this book was really dramatic. The only problem was that because the author was spending so much time developing Beth I found it hard to like Ryan. It’s like we knew things about him but he didn’t really have a personality. Other than that the characters were perfect.

Beth and Ryan’s romance  was really realistic. I would say that’s my favorite thing about these books. They have romance but they also have all these other heavy real life issues the characters have to deal with and they deal with them together. They may have fights and break downs but in the end they love each other and they help each other through it and they stay together. I loved this book just like I loved the first book. I would definitely recommend it.

17565845Panic by Lauren Oliver
Release Date: March 2014
Pages: 416
Place on Hold 

Synopsis: In Carp, New York the high school seniors have a tradition, Panic. A game they play at the end of every school year where the crash prize is high but the stakes are even higher. Panic consists of dangerous challenges that the contestants have to complete in order to move forward, ending with the final three players having a death defying drag race. This year Heather and Dodge will compete in Panic where they will learn that everyone has a secret and everything comes with a price.

This book was just okay for me. I really hated all the characters; they had no personality. At all. They were like robots that the author assigned lines to. The only reason I didn’t stop reading the book was because I wanted to see what the next challenge in Panic was. I understood the point of the book and how Panic was something different to everyone but I felt like it wasn’t communicated until the ending which made the book really dull. Mostly it was just the different events of Panic with a few other things throw in and it was really bad. I wish the author would have communicated more of the characters personality and their reasons for competing in Panic etc. throughout the book. I would not recommend this book.

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