17798031Title: Meridian
Author: Josin L. McQuein
Publisher: Greenwillow
Release Date: May 2014
Pages: 458
Place on Hold 

In Meridian, the arc light has discovered that there are other survivors in a place they call the ice box. They have also discovered that they’re a new kind of fade. Mutated, chaotic, they don’t hear like the fade do. These monstrous fades don’t even look human. Their nanites consume and destroy everything they touch. Going to see the survivors ends up in a fight for life or death. The war has officially begun again.

18721308Tape by Steven Camden
Publisher: Harper Collins
Release Date: September 23, 2014
Pages: 336 (Hardcover)
Place on Hold 

“Ryan and Ameliah. Two teenagers separated by time but infinitely connected. You could call this a love story. You could call it a time-travel story. Or a story of hope and fate and all the magic of the universe…but to really get it, you just have to read it.”

~Book Jacket

Synopsis: The book jacket pretty much says everything it can without giving everything away. Ryan and Ameliah are separated by 20 years of time, but have similarities in their lives. Ameliah is adjusting to her new life while remembering her parents, but also learning about their lives before she came along. Ryan is adjusting to a new life, remembering his mom, and  falling for a girl. Then Ameliah finds a tape, which leads her to more questions than answers. These two teenagers are connected, there is a love story and a plot twist I did not see coming in the end. This book also gives Ameliah’s side of the story as well as Ryan’s.

My Opinion: This book was different from any book I have ever read. I did not really like it at first, but as I kept reading I got interested. Not too far in I predicted the connection and was right. This book was a little easy to predict but some things happened that I did not expect to happen. I also predicted the plot twist, but second guessed myself but in end I was right again. Even though I predicted a lot of the connections, what happened within the connections was crazy. I guess what I mean is some things that happened between characters I did not expect to happen. In the end it is cool to see how everything worked out and to think about how everything is connected. All I can say is you have to read it to understand it. I did really like this book more than I thought I was going to like it. I am sorry if this review sounds confusing but just read the book and you will understand where I am coming from. I hope you like it as much as I did!

Recommendation: I would recommend this book to people who want to read something different.

19286527Feuds by Avery Hastings
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin
Release Date: September 2014
Pages: 272
Place on Hold 

Synopsis: Davis and Cole live in a world where Priors are perfect and rich. Imps are poor, low life and work for the Priors. Priors and Imps hate each other and it is illegal for Priors and Imps to have relationships. Davis is a Prior and Cole is an Imp. They should hate each other but instead they are drawn to each other. Davis has spent her whole life training for the Olympiads so she can become one of the best ballerinas in the world and also trying to live up to her mother’s legacy. Davis only cares about the Olympiads, that is until Cole comes along. Cole has a rough life and fights in the FEUDS, an illegal fighting ring where priors gamble on the Imps that fight. Cole wants a better life for him and his family, that is his motivation for fighting in the FEUDS. He will do anything to get the life he wants even if that means doing things for his sponsor Parson Abel. Parson wants Cole to get close to Davis and Cole does it because he needs Parson to get him into the FEUDS. When Cole meets Davis she isn’t what he expected her to be. Falling in love was never part of either of their plans. Narxis, a deadly virus that kills only priors, was not apart of their plan either. None of the priors  acknowledge the virus, expect Davis. She worries when her friends disappear and wants to know more , Cole is the only one who will help her.  Their love is forbidden, but it also becomes their only motivation. This book is told from Davis’s side of the story and Cole’s too.

My Opinion: This book sounded cheesy and seemed similar to other books when I read the summary, but I actually ended up liking this book. Yes it has a deadly virus and forbidden love like many other books, but it was still interesting. A lot of things happened that I did not see coming. After a couple of chapters, I was hooked and could not put the book down. Something happens in almost every chapter that makes you want to keep reading. Sadly, it ends with a cliff hanger, but hopefully a second book will come out.

Recommendation: I recommend this book to people who like science fiction and romance.

Overall: I really liked this book and I hope you read it and like it!


17196289Title: Lark Rising
Author: Sandra Waugh 
Publisher:  Random House
Release Date: Sept. 2014
Pages: 384
Place on Hold 

Sandra Waugh is making her debut into the world of Young Adult Fantasy with a strong kick. Lark Rising will take her to soaring heights!!!

Lark is not your average heroine. She is shy, timid, and not looking for an adventure. In fact her idea of a perfect day includes tending to the weeds in her garden. But Lark has a gift. A gift that has left her bound for things greater than she could ever have imagined. And despite her lack of an adventure bone, Lark has been called. So when trouble is sensed in her village and she receives a sign, she is tasked with enlisting the help of legendary group of fighters called the Riders to protect the village. But what should have been a simple task turns into a crazy adventure. because she learns the actually reason that she was called: she is the Guardian of Life, one of four guardians who are to retrieve their stolen amulets after awakening their powers or the world will fall into chaos.  But it’s not a true adventure without a trusty steed, an emotional, over-bearing protector, and a grouchy woodland creature.  Lark doesn’t know it yet but she is bound for greatness, but only I’d she can stay alive that long. With the help from the guy of her dreams, temperamental gnome, and her own intuition Lark will answer her call as a guardian, or die trying.

Lark’s changes from the beginning to the end of the novel are not as obvious in most book. She did not all of a sudden become this loud, strong, unbeatable guardian. She was still the quiet, humble, reserved Lark she was at the beginning of the novel, she just had more confidence in herself. And for that Sandra Waugh deserves a big pat on the back, because unlike most heroes in stories you find today, she keeps Lark more real simply because she keeps Lark a hero in her own terms. You have to be paying attention to notice how Lark grows. She goes from a girl who wouldn’t take a chance to girl literally taking leaps of faith off mountains and hoping for the best.  Most importantly for Lark, she learns to trust in herself,  her visions, and–as sappy as it sounds–the power of love.

Even though I love Lark and she is great, I can say my absolute favorite characters are the three shining men in Lark’s life: Rune, Gharain, and Twig.  Rune is her loyal steed, her faithful companion, and he’s just so cute. He protects Lark more than once and is fully dedicated like an oversized dog. He brings out the delightful humor in the novel with his great timing and personality–even though he is a horse.  Twig was one of the best things that happened. He appeared out of thin air practically and from that moment just causes chaos (unintentionally)  in his attempts to guide Lark towards the right path. He’s sharp, self indignant, and absolutely very lovable. He comes of as grouchy but he is really a sweet and caring gnome. And finally there’s Gharain. He is the man of her dreams, (literally), the guy destined to kill her, and the guy she can’t help but love (even though she doesn’t want to). Gharain’s hot and cold attitude also drives Lark crazy. Their witty banter, and awkward encounters bring a lot of comic relief. And who doesn’t enjoy a little sexual tension?

Lark Rising has a special characteristic you just can’t forget. The beautiful development of the world, draws you in and holds your attention. A thing I notice with Rising Lark is you just can’t power through it. It forces you to stop and enjoy the moment, and compared to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it was a nice change of pace.

Lark Rising was full of adventure, wit, and a soft-spoken young girl with a strong will ready to do what is necessary. The thoughtful descriptions of this enigmatic and lush world make everything so vivid! One sees the brilliance in the colors of the town, the grass, the sky, the mountains, the castle; And they taste the crisps fresh air of the atmosphere.  Every moment was splendid. Lark Rising is a rising star in its own way.

Poisoned Apples: Poems for You, My PrettyTitle: Poisoned Apples: Poems for You, My Pretty
Author: Christine Heppermann
Publisher: Green Willow (HarperCollins)
Release Date: Sept 2014
Pages: 128
Place on Hold 

This is a collection of free form poems by Christine Heppermann that uses fairy tale characters to talk about what teen girls face in their lives. Things like anorexia, sex, body issues, and a bunch of other things that most young adult authors don’t tell the truth about. It reminded me of all the videos from poetry slams I’ve watched on YouTube and the stories people have shared on Tumblr. The only times I’ve ever read a book that I felt was truthfully depicting issues teen girls face was when I read books like Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson and Dramarama by E. Lockhart. I strongly recommend this to anyone who is a teen especially teen girls. I give this book a 5 out of 5, I can’t wait till it comes out so that I can buy it.

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