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Episode: 10.01 “Black”
Air Date: October 7, 2014
Channel: CW

The episode opens with The Road So Far backtracked by Joan Jett’s Heartbreaker. After that we see Sam with his arm in a sling torturing a female demon trying to get information about where Dean is.

The title card is this
Angel grace and Devil smoke mix and it explodes the image of an upside-down devil’s trap that looks like it’s set a flame (with possibly holy oil). Demon smoke and angel grace are the two major problems with the two major plots of this season is Dean being a demon and Cas losing his grace causing him to start dying it makes sense to make these two things the title card. I mean a devil’s trap is what will keep Dean basically powerless and the same with Cas and holy oil.

Sam has been trying to find Dean’s cure. When did Dean leave exactly cause why would Sam just leave the note there? Where is Cas at when Sam calls him? He’s not in heaven. Cas misses Dean and Sam is slightly in denial. Cas worries if Dean is still slightly himself.

Dean needs to never sing while drunk ever… seriously never again thanks to the guy who took the mic out of his hand towards the end of the episode. Dean the demon gets laid… in poor Crowley’s bed. Slightly worse than when Sam walked in on one of Dean’s sexcapades. Demon!Dean has nice hair. Jerk and Bitch is now not exclusive to only Sam and Dean. That or Dean has just been saying B*tch as a response to Jerk for so long (possibly 20 years give or take according to cannon) that is a reflex. And so we find out that blonde sexcapade #33 is named Ann-Marie. Demon!Dean’s love interest for this season. (So how long till this one dies, or gets memory wiped via A.I.B (Angel In Black) (get it because Men In Black… these are jokes people) Dean likes to forget his pants and so does Cas Later… I can see the Gif sets and Manips now. Crowley and Dean will never top Sam and Dean as a hustling duo. Dean defends Ann-Marie’s honor but goes too far in the beating up of the guy. Glad to know Dean still is somewhat respectful to women even as a demon.

Cas looks worse than when he was Leviathans, crazy, and human. Then again he’s dying. Daniel and Idina are rogue angels that are killing angels who are triing to get them to go back to Heaven. Hannah seems very black and white with reasoning. Cas agrees to help her.

So Dean has Abaddon’s death eaters being sic’d on him. Sam views footage of incident in 7-eleven type store. Dean’s face is clearly visible and his black eyes flash…

Who still uses a fax machine? Also why is this guy tracking Dean and why does his wife know of him. Also how do you have these black ops weapons?

THE CASMOBILE RETURNS! Hannah is again black and white when she says that Castiel isn’t taking care of himself and that he should. Cas points out the only way to make him better is to kill another. Hannah shuts up for a bit. Cas is slightly self-destructive. While he wants to help Heaven, he doesn’t have enough grace to fully Angel Mojo protect himself.

Sam goes to investigate the store. The teenager cashier is no help but to give Sam an idea of who sent this Abaddon lover to attack Dean by giving him the Abaddon follower’s phone. Sam finds a text saying the Winchester spotting at this 7-11 and it’s signed Long Live Abaddon. Sam calls the number and it turns out to be Crowley. Crowley makes a joke about an event in an earlier season where Sam meets a girl after hitting a dog with his car while Dean was in Purgatory. It’s not funny. Crowley explains that the demon inside of Dean is Dean’s. Yep. It’s still Dean but twisted. Also the Mark of Cain is the only thing keeping Dean alive. So we can always get Dean back. Crowley is sending the Abaddon soldiers to fight Dean. Crowley drops the bomb of the only reason Sam is upset isn’t because Dean is a demon but because he is happy with having The Misadventures of Crowley and Squirrel. Sam has been tracing the call so he now knows where Crowley and Dean are. I wonder how many fans looked up that address.

Cas and Hannah pull up to Daniel and Idnia’s campsite that has been warded against angels. They find Daniel fishing. Hannah isn’t seeing the shades of gray in this. Hannah says that “All of us serve at Heaven’s command.” Daniel counters that that was before the fall, Daniel has already been dropped of his home with no warning and know that he wants freedom they try to bring him in Heaven. Hannah thinks that what Daniel then speaks about free will is nonsense. Hannah seem to forget that Castiel was once like Daniel. Cas learned about choice and free will with the Winchesters. He killed his brothers and sisters for free will (So this is Team Free Will. One Ex Blood Junkie, A Drop-out with 6 bucks to his name, and Mr. Comatose over there.).  When Daniel says that she thinks its nonsense because they don’t teach it in Heaven and that they should because then the others would know why it’s worth fighting for. Hannah pulls out her angel blade. Castiel stops her with reason.

Dean finds out Crowley is sending Abaddon’s old goons to fight him. Crowley point’s out it’s to keep him sharp and to keep the Mark sated so Dean doesn’t turn into a demon. Wait pump the brakes. Isn’t Dean already a demon? Does Dean not know? Well this is more confusing than if April and Castiel having sex last season was consensual or not. Also it’s been six weeks since Dean ran away apparently. Crowley shares that he spoke to Sam and that Sam has traced the call. Dean accuses him of selling him out. Crowley points out what he is doing is for Dean’s own good.

Sam is heading to get Dean when his car breaks down. He goes to check it out when a car pulls up to help him. The “Good Samaritan” turns out to be Black Ops Fax Man from earlier in the episode. Turns out he put a kill switch on the car and he then moose naps Sam.

Dean gets drunk. Ann-Marie takes care of him. Ann-Marie kind of psychoanalyzes him and she’s kind of right. Dean implies that she is a skank and she says she’s so screwed up herself that she’s going to walk out of here thinking she deserved that.

Daniel prefers to speak to Castiel rather than Hannah. Great choice. Idina shows up and like Hannah is kind of lets fight to settle this. Daniel is much like Cas and thinks talking it out will end better. Hannah and Idina fighting. Cas has to kill Daniel to stop him from killing Hannah this causes Idina to slash Castiel across the stomach. Hannah though wounded wants to go after her. Cas doesn’t let her.

Sam is tied to a chair by Black Ops Fax Man using zip ties. BOFM apparently has been following and hunting Dean for a while now.

Hannah and Cas are in the casmobile. Castiel feels bad about killing Daniel, even if it was to save Hannah, because they just wanted to be left alone.  Hannah says that no rules leads to chaos which makes angels like Naomi, Bartholomew, and Metatron. Cas counters there is nothing but chaos and not all bad comes from it.Chaos makes art, hope, love, dreams. These are human things but these are things that Cas has had and experienced that make him the angel his is. Chaos makes angels like him as well.

Dean is called by BOFM and is told he has Sam. Dean threatens in Liam Neeson fashion that he will find him and he will kill him and we know Dean is a man of his world.

I really hope that we get some more information in the upcoming episodes. I still have a lot of questions for the season such as what’s up with Sam’s shoulder, who Black Ops Fax Man is, , what happened when Cas tried to help Sam, what is the timeline of what happened in the 4 weeks, and others. I enjoyed the episode and I think it has been good way to start off season 10. This season could possibly be one of the best ones yet.

7896527Title: Throne of Glass
Author: Sarah J. Mass
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Release Date: Aug 2012
Pages: 416
Place on Hold 

Summary: A prince, an assassin, the captain of the guard, and a rebellious princess lives are changed and entwined forever when the king calls for his champion.

Pitted against twenty-three mercenaries, thieves, and warriors, Celaena Sardothien can obtain her freedom she has desired for so long. But if she loses she be sent back the prison, her ultimate death. But something evil lurks in the dark of the palace, something that is killing the competitors one by one. And if Celaena ever wishes to obtain her freedom or even just survive she must destroy that evilness before it destroys her and everything she holds dear. It’s no longer just a fight for freedom, but a fight for her life. And it is the begining of an epic adventure.

Celaena is such a interesting character. We see her struggle and suffer. But she is strong and beautiful in all the ways that matter. Her fiery spirit and witty make her so enjoyable, she will hold your attention to the very end… and then some.

Chaol is serious, over protective, loyal to a fault and very oblivious to his own feelings. But these just make him more endearing. He’s caring in an understated way and the companionship he offers Celaena is so endearing. He’s may be opening her up to something neither of them considered a possibilty until now.

Dorian’s kindness however is exactly what Celaena needs, and vice-versa. They need each other even if they don’t know it yet. Stuck under his father’a rule without a care in the world, Dorian is basically his father’s puppet until he meets Celaena, and that is when things get interesting. He has big plans…even if it does not turn out exactly the way he intended, he learning to roll with the punches. Dorian begins to care, love and be human again; because by being a friend he gains one.

Nehmia is Celaena overall confidant. Nehmia is smart and kick ass in a regal way and I love her. She’s devoted to her people and justice and those traits make her a formidable character. She’s strong in a different way than Celaena and it gives the book so much more depth because it’s so complex yet simple all at once. Truly remarkable.

The way the characters develop throughout the story take you deeper into their minds to make you feel that you are them, but Sarah is just scratching the surface–there is so much more than to what meets the eye. The characters and storyline make the Throne of Glass feel so real because everything isn’t always happy endings but it’s a great story told remarkable well.

Sarah’s debut into the world of fantasy is kick-ass, amazing, and a must read for any lover of anything awesome. It’s mysterious and dark but also humorous and endearing all at once. Her witty dialect, and cunning but honorable, temperamental characters draw out your own emotions slowly pulling any reader into this magical kingdom.

So it definitely wouldn’t kill you to read about the assassin named Celaena Sardothien. Unless your dying of enjoyment… Which could happen.

18659623Title: Through the Woods
Author: Emily Carroll
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books
Release Date: July 2014
Pages: 208
Place on Hold  Synopsis: A beautifully illustrated graphic novel with five unsettling stories about what lurks in the woods.

I really loved this graphic novel. The illustrations were beautiful and I liked how each story had it’s own set of a few contrasting colors. The text worked really well with the illustrations; the way the text complimented the pictures and wrapped around them gave the novel an overall unsettling feeling. The stories themselves were very well written and appropriately creepy. They were short, but they were very well constructed. Anything that can creep you out in ten pages or less has got to be good. I also liked how each story was slightly darker than the last; It really pulls you in and gets you invested in the novel and it’s creepy theme.

Overall this was a beautifully drawn and wonderfully written graphic novel. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys creepy or unsettling stories.

Alistair Grim's OdditoriumTitle: Alistair Grim's Odditorium
Author: Gregory Funaro
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Release Date: Jan 2015
Pages: 432
Place on Hold 

This book is set in England around 1900 and is told through the eyes of a 12 year old chimney sweep named Grubb.  Grubb has a terrible life until he stows away in the carriage of Alistair Grim while running from trouble. Through out his journey Grubb encounters all sorts of mystical beings such as fairies, banshees, dragons, and Odditoria.

I really enjoyed this book. It had action, magic, and DRAGONS (sorry I really like dragons). Also it reminded me of the first few Harry Potter books which gives me hope for the books to follow. Yes, you read that right this will a series. I recommend this to anyone who likes fantasy and magic. If you enjoyed the Harry Potter series then you’re going to enjoy Alistair Grim’s Odditorium as well.  I give it 4 out of 5; it’s not a perfect book but it’s up there and I would totally read it again.

DamagedTitle: Damaged
Author: Amy Reed
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Release Date: Oct. 2014
Pages: 384
Place on Hold 

Synopsis: Kinsey’s best friend Camille was killed in a car accident while Kinsey was driving. Plagued by guilt and haunted by Camille’s ghost she goes on an impromptu road trip with Camille’s boyfriend to try and escape.

I really wanted to like this book. I love the author and I’ve liked all of her past books, but this one just didn’t do it for me. My main problem was the whole “Camille’s ghost ” thing which ended up being a huge part of the book. I understand that her ghost was probably meant to represent Kinsey’s guilt and feelings about Camille. However, it was poorly done simply because the book became all about getting away from the ” ghost”. The fact that Kinsey had spent her entire life running from her problems and pushing away her emotions was really counter productive. It wasn’t anything new that she wanted to get away from this ” ghost”, it was what she always did. There really wasn’t any character development or growth because nothing changed. Kinsey spent the whole book running, like always, until she was finally able to let the ghost go, not the actual internal problem, the ghost. It just got old after a while.

Another problem I had with the ghost situation was just when you were sure that Camille was truly just Kinsey’s feelings manifested the author would blur the line. There where times when Camille’s ghost would leave physical marks on her and I have no idea how I’m supposed to take that. Was Kinsey harming herself ? Was she imagining things ? Was Camille an actual ghost and if so why would she act so differently than she had in life ? I have no idea.

This book just left too many questions unanswered. Why did Camille like this guy at all ? Why was she changing before she died ? What the heck is this guys story ? Why is Kinsey’s grandmother so evil ? What happens to her mother, who is clearly mentally ill ? There are so many loose ends that didn’t get tied up and that bothers me.

My last major problem was the relationship Kinsey had with Camille’s boyfriend. So let me get this straight, you think you’re being haunted by the vengeful ghost of your dead best friend and you think the solution to that is to run away, across the country, with her boyfriend ? I don’t see the logic there. I felt that their relationship was odd and totally unnesecarry. Why spend an entire book building a bad relationship between two characters we know nothing about only to have them spilt up at the end of the book ? I’m sure someone can find an English teacher that will tell me it’s meant to represent that the chapter of her life is over or something, that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it. Their relationship was really unhealthy because they were both very unstable. I also didn’t like that she needed him. I mean she’s a girl, therefore she could not possibly escape her bad home life and battle her personal demons without an attractive male character there to facilitate it. I scoff at the thought. Just go along with it honey, he might be moody and potentially crazy ,but he’s going to get you out of there !
We need YA lit to show us how ridiculous that sounds, not to perpetuate it.

All in all this was an okay book. I really liked the premiss of it, I just felt that it could have been better executed. Less ghost and more character development would have made for a much better book.

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