Bitter Kingdom

Posted by Lexi your Fellow Indecisive Book Loving Finatic (FIBLF) on September 15, 2014
11431896 Title: Bitter Kingdom
Author: Rae Carson
Publisher:  Greenwillow Books
Release Date: Aug. 2013
Pages: 433
Place on Hold 

Rae Carson says it all in her beautiful, heart-pounding conclusion to the Fire and Thorns Trilogy!

The love of her life and the key to saving her kingdom has been taken hostage, her kingdom is about to be thrown into civil war, and get back her throne, Elisa is done waiting for her destiny. She’s going after it herself. She will have to outmaneuver her enemies, out wit her allies, be tougher (making decisions she never thought she’d have to before) and stronger than ever before if she is to rise and become the champion. With her faithful friends, she may be able to do it. But there’s no guarantee everyone will survive.

The ending though not what I expected…. On further thought is absolutely perfect. She becomes more than just the Godstone Bearer, more than just queen, she learns what it means to be just Elisa and that makes her such a strong character.  She struggles with coming to terms with who she is and in the end, wields her power with grace dignity and beauty. Elise grows on me so much thought this whole book it was like reading from the beginning again and falling in love ALL over again.

She’s not your usually description of a bad ass warrior queen but she definitely is one. She determined and strong. Despite she has so much power at her hands, she is smart, and cunning–and it’s not shoved down your throat it is just there waiting for you to notice who she really is. Which a lot of the times you don’t see that in character. (Usually having the power corrupts but Elise does great things!)  That makes it more enjoyable as reader and also gives some sense of control of how I interpret the story.  She never falls into self-pity she shoulders it and makes what she can with it, and in that sense, she  shines like true queen and I love her so much more for it. Rae Carson captured a true queen in all her glory in this book and it was magnificent.

Hector was amazing. So loyal but also honest and totally in love. He is truly a bleeding heart for Elisa, and it is the most entertaining thing ever to see someone so manly, acting so in love.  And though at times I felt there love was too much… I also didn’t mind because they deserved it after all they had been through, and that made it more believable.  Hector’s dedication and humbleness make him a truly remarkable character. Also the POV from Hector’s perspective finally give us readers a glimpse of the workings of his mind and I love it.

Storm was another great selling point in this conclusion. His dedication and commitment to Elisa is the sweetest thing ever. They need each other more than they know. Storm really cares for everyone, and you can tell in the little things he does. He doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve, but if you look between the lines, you can read him like a book.  I think what makes Elisa and Storm click so well is the sense of family, and love they receive from each other which they never got from their blood families. This could also be said about their whole group though, they are truly a bunch of misfits, but they fit together. It’s great, fabulous.

The new love and faces we meet along the way keeps the story entertaining and fresh. Rae Carson perfectly blended the new and the old, not leaving any unanswered, or questions so te story never became confusing or too unrealistic. We see every character grow and that’s what makes the book so noteworthy. The characters are real and you feel for them and become even more attached to them the more you read. And by the end of the book, there will definitely not be any bitter feelings towards The Bitter Kingdom.

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