Posted by Amanda on November 18, 2013

17383918Allegiant by Veronica Roth
Release Date: Oct. 2013
Pages: 526
Place on Hold 

Synopsis: Tris Prior’s word has been shattered. The faction system she has always known is a lie manufactured by an outside government. The government inside her city is a tyranny controlled by the formerly factionless. Everything she has always know is no more. So, when she is offered the chance to go outside the city she jumps on it. Leaving the city will be an adventure that will make Tris question her Identity and what the factions really mean.

I’m sad to say that I didn’t like this book. In fact, I’m very disappointed in it. I loved Divergent and Insurgent, but this one just didn’t meet standards. My main problem was that the story just didn’t pull me in. It’s not that there wasn’t a lot happening it’s just that it didn’t make a connection. The only reason I finished reading it was because it was Allegiant. And then (SPOILER ALERT) when Tris died I just cried for the last 50 pages of the book. It was a really bad experience. It was 350 pages of boredom and 50 pages of ugly crying and it just destroyed my soul. I would not recommend this book to anyone and, sadly, I haven’t been recommending the series either because of how it ends.

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