All The Truth That’s In Me

Posted by Amanda on December 9, 2013

17297487All the Truth That's In Me by Julie Berry
Release Date: Sept. 2013
Pages: 274
Place on Hold 

Synopsis: Four years ago, Judith disappeared. Two years ago, she came back mutilated and unable to speak. She is ignored and shunned by her friends and family and is forced to live a sad and lonely life of silence. Her only happiness is Lucas her childhood friend whom she is in love with. Only she could never tell him. Told from Judith’s perspective to Lucas. You learn the truth form Judith. All of it.

This is one of the most unique books I’ve ever read. Mostly because of the way it was written. The whole book was Judith speaking to Lucas internally which was unique, amazing and very appropriate for the book because really her love for him was all she had. Another thing I really liked was that the author never really specified a place or a time in which this took place other than the town name. Surprisingly this didn’t bother me because you were able to assume a lot using clues about beliefs of the time and how they dressed etc.

I hated Judith’s mother and brother with a passion. In the beginning I hated everyone in the town actually. This was because they shunned her totally. They didn’t talk to her or even treat her like a human being. Because she had been taken and returned mutilated and unable to speak they treated her like she didn’t exist which was wrong on so many levels. They should have embraced her and helped her and welcomed her home. Not treat her like she would have been better off dead. The only people I liked for most of the book empowered Judith who was an amazing strong and beautiful person and Lucas mainly because of Judith’s opinion of him. Farther on in the book this changed but I won’t give away to much. I’ll just say that I loved this book and it was perfect and that I recommend it. Read it ! Read it ! Read it !

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