Posted by Amanda on March 18, 2013

SkinnySkinny by Donna Cooner
Publisher:  Scholastic
Release Date: Oct 2012
Pages: 272
Place on Hold 

Synopsis: Ever Davies weighs over three hundred pounds. She thinks she’s a freak; at least that’s what the voice in her head Skinny has told her. Skinny whispers all kinds of awful things to Ever about how she looks and what people think about her. Ever decides to change and with the help of her best friend, she does, but Skinny is still there and she won’t be silenced. To truly find her happily ever after, Ever will have to defeat Skinny and it won’t be easy.

Characters:  The author did a great job creating Ever and Skinny. Ever was an amazing girl with incredible talent and personality that she couldn’t let shine because of Skinny, the evil voice in her head.

The author created Skinny in Ever’s head as a real person. They even had arguments. Skinny would always say cruel things to ever because of her weight. While Ever thought Skinny was there because she was fat, the voice didn’t go away even when she lost weight, which meant she basically had to battle herself to win her life back.

I love the way the author did this. It shows that a lot of the time the conflict we have is not always with external things but with how we ourselves feel about them. I also love it because it shows that fat dose not equal miserable and skinny dose not equal happy. It shows that you’re happy when you’re ready regardless of other circumstances.

Action: As I said Ever is having an all out war with herself. If that’s not enough I don’t know what is.

Romance:  Even though Ever does not think so she’s a great person, she does get her happily ever after.

Overall: Overall this is a great book with a really great message. I recommend it to everyone who likes realistic fiction!


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