Lovely, Dark, and Deep

Posted by Amanda on December 13, 2012

Lovely, Dark and DeepLovely, Dark, and Deep by Amy McNamara
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Release Date: Oct 2012
Pages: 352
Place on Hold 

Synopsis: Wren went to her father’s house in the woods of Maine to escape. She wanted to leave behind her old life and the mess she had made of it. She wanted to forget it ever happened. She wanted to forget how to feel. She got the opposite. In this stunning book , pain, loss , grief, forgiveness and salvation are the themes that break your heart and leave you breathless.

Characters: The author did an amazing job creating Wren. She perfectly portrayed her emotions , feelings and struggles and made an amazingly believable character.

Romance: I’m definitely not going to spoil it so ill just say that yes there is romance.

Action: No fight scenes in this book but there is definitely plenty of action of the emotional and mental variety  Once again, I refuse to spoil it because for me the best part of the book was the not knowing.

Overall: Overall, this was an wonderful book that I absolutely adore. The author did a great job with this novel . I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes realistic fiction.

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